TAFS #9 - Ron Solemn

I talk to Ron Solemn, (instagram.com/ronsolemn_). 

Bio: "My stage name is Ron Solemn, I'm an independent musician from Hillside, New Jersey. I'm 22 years old, started recording music in 2013, and truly got serious about it in 2015. I make conscious lyrical Rap, R&B/Soul, and Indie  songs! My lyrics focus on spreading a message and speaking for the suffering, the main lesson being "become yourself". My music is available for free streaming as well as purchase on: Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, iTunes, etc.

Spotlighted Songs:

1) Ron Solemn - The Bad Things (Prod. by Z. Will)

2) Ron Solemn - Ego  Death (feat. Oak Cliff EZ) (Prod. by Z. Will)


Social media: 

Instagram: @ronsolemn_


Facebook: Ron Solemn

Email: rwill818@gmail.com


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